FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is your produce organic?
Yes, 100%, no doubt about it. You can trust in us. We will never say “Organic, when available.” We feel that the previous line is a HUGE COPOUT and a TRICK that others are using to be able to incorporate some organic and some conventional produce into your juice.
The reason we use organic is not only for your health, but also to promote sustainability. We know that the use of pesticides, herbicides, inorganic fertilizers, and genetically modified (GMO) crops all destroy the soil. We support local farmers, organic farmers, and all that are doing their part in maintaining this beautiful earth in which we live.

What makes your juices different from what I can buy at my local grocery store?

Most juice on grocery store shelves is pasteurized to reduce pathogens, either through flash-pasteurization, a process that heats the juice to high temperatures, or a more recently introduced method, high-pressure processing (HPP), which uses high pressure to achieve the same end result. The drawback is that both methods basically sterilize the juice, destroying live enzymes and nutrients, and minimizing flavor.

What is Chlorella?
Chlorella is a blue-green algae rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and antioxidants that can have protective benefits on the body, plus nutrients such as beta-carotene, mood-boosting B vitamins, manganese, zinc, and essential fatty acids. It is also a very great way to detox your body!

I am feeling a little nausiated after drinking a juice, is that ok?
You may experience slight “detox” side-effects from drinking some juices. This is dependent on what your current health status is. If you eat a lot of processed foods and drink alcohol on a regular basis, a drink such as “Beet-l-juice” which has a great blood detoxing ability may release toxins. This is NORMAL. Please make sure that you drink plenty of water & these toxins will flush out of your system. Another way to flush out the newly released toxins is to go to a spa with an infrared light room. This may not be available to you, but if it is, it is an awesome thing to add to a cleanse!

Do you offer a delivery?
Yes, minimum order is a 6 pack, maximum of 4 days of your cleanse. For example, If you are doing a 7 day cleanse, we will deliver days 1-3, then days 4-7.

Do you deliver to my area?
If you are in the DFW area we will deliver to you! Delivery charges apply; please see our delivery page for more details.

What kind of juicer do you use?
Our juice is extracted using a hydraulic press. This cold-press extraction is the optimal method of juicing. By exerting thousands of pounds of pressure on the produce very slowly and without heating up, a hydraulic press maintains the integrity of the plant’s cellular structure. This yields the purest and most complete form of extracted juice with the highest possible density of enzymes, nutrients, and flavor—meaning you get all of the goodness the whole plant has to offer.

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes. Gift cards are available in any amount for pickup at the Plano or Mckinney Farmer’s Market Saturdays. Or, we can email you an online certificate. Give us a shout at info@earthontap.com and we will work out the details.

Do you offer discounts for frequent customers?
Yes! We offer a .50 cent discount per bottle when you place a recurring order. Check out our become a regular page for more details!

Do you offer off-site catering?
Yes, please call or email us to talk about the details! 469-269-2YUM or info@earthontap.com