The Earth on Tap Difference

The Earth on Tap Difference

Farm Fresh, 100% Organic Produce

farm fresh - The Earth on Tap DifferenceWe source as much as possible from local farmers. In Texas, not everything is able to be grown. But, we are continuously looking for farms to partner up with! One farm in particular is Johnson’s Backyard Garden. You can thank them for the lovely orange & grapefruit flavors within Citrus Zinger. If we cannot source from a local farmer we purchase produce from a produce distributor.

We use 100% ORGANIC produce. Wavering from our FULLY ORGANIC commitment is never an option. Many companies refuse to disclose how much of their produce is organic. Earth On Tap has a simple answer – 100% ORGANIC. You can TRUST what you put in your body has never had pesticides, herbicides, or any other toxic chemicals sprayed on it, and that it has not been genetically modified in any way, shape, or form.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is of utmost importance at Earth On Tap. We bottle our juice in glass and use BPA-free lids. Glass is the safest material to drink from because it does not degrade or leach chemicals. We recollect the jars and sanitize them for reuse. Even though this is labor-intensive, we feel it is important to keep PVC’s from plastics out of your juice and out of the environment. Earth on Tap offers a bottle return discount of $.50 cents per bottle that is returned (rinsed with no lid). By reusing our containers, we calculate that just a one-time reuse of a glass jar is about 9 times more efficient than manufacturing a new one.

Earth on Tap cares about the Earth and you. We designed our business in consideration of the cycle of life, your life and the life of our planet. It all begins with the Earth. By sourcing all organic produce, we help to replenish and nourish the soil. We choose to play a part in cleaning up the environment, reducing chemicals in our air and producing healthy alternatives. We work to protect the soil because we understand the direct correlation between environmental health and our personal health. Earth on Tap uses and recycles glass bottles reducing plastic deposits in landfills and slowing down pollution from chemical waste and production.  Always remembering our link to the earth, we continue the life-cycle by returning the pulp from each juice to our produce partners for compost. Lastly, we buy local to promote the growth of sustainable farming practices in our area. Attention to the earth by going organic, using glass, composting scraps and buying local creates a closed life-cycle which we feel proud to share with everyone. After all, a healthy earth produces healthy food to feed a healthy you.

Amazing Taste

You shouldn’t have to compromise taste for nutrition. We’ve crafted delicious juice and smoothie recipes using innovative flavor combinations to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Not only do our juices pack a healthy punch, but we also have superfood smoothies made with ingredients like Maca root, Himalayan pink sea salt, chia seeds, hemp seeds and cacao nibs.


We only use the cold-pressed method for our juice product, extracting vitamins, minerals and enzymes with minimal oxidation and without any heat to produce the clean, smooth, fresh tasting juice. Cold-pressing yields superior results over centrifugal juicing – in nutrient capacity and taste.

Glass Bottles

Earth On Tap has a UNIQUE COMMITMENT to glass bottles. Glass has a smaller carbon footprint than plastic and unlike plastic, is 100% recyclable. Earth on Tap bottles can be sanitized and reused over and over again. Glass also preserves the flavors of the fruits and vegetable, resulting in fresher, better tasting juice.

Earth on Tap offers a bottle return program…bring back your empty bottles for .50 cents off your next juice.